Fred and Jacob Short Stories

Fred’s Christmas Caper

“Yes Fred, I still like Santa Claus.” Jacob refused to look up from his computer screen. “Then why don’t you want to come? Huh?” Fred crossed his arms and pouted. Jacob turned to face Fred. “Because you’re wearing a Santa suit again. The last time you wore a Santa suit, it ended with Godzilla getting […]

Fantasy FlashFic Horror Short Stories

FlashFic: The Gift

A man fighting for survival finds himself face to face with an other-worldly creature.

FlashFic Horror Science Fiction Short Stories

FlashFic: Dark Skies, Cold Hearts

A mysterious sight in the night sky takes a treacherous turn.

Interludes Short Stories

Interlude: The Final Mission

In a world ravaged by war, the environment is often painted in shades of gray.

Fantasy Horror Short Stories

Interlude: Chasing Shadows

A young adventurer tests his mettle in a castle full of deadly secrets.