Fat Mop Zoo was launched 5 September, 2016 as a repository for my pointless ramblings. It soon came to double as the official author website for me, John Prescott, after the release of my first book. In fact, the only ads you will see on this website are for my own products(such as my books, or FMZ’s sister website Mighty Orbots.)

The name Fat Mop Zoo was literally born out of nothing on our refrigerator. One of the kids put a silly phrase on the fridge with magnetic alphabet letters. It changed and morphed over the following weeks until the words Fat Mop Zoo took form. The rest, as they say, is history.


That’s me. I’m John Prescott. When I’m not on here trying to be entertaining, I’m either at my day job professionally detailing cars or working on writing another novel at night. That’s about all there is to me, really.

Make sure to check out the FAQ page if you have any questions. If you’re still not satisfied, you can Contact me. I sincerely hope you enjoy your stay in my little slice of the internet!