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From short stories to novellas to novels… See what adventures sprang from the mind of author John Prescott.

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Alex heard the reports on the nightly news his father always had playing in the background. Threats of nuclear Armageddon were becoming ominously commonplace. Still, he never thought he’d live to see the day that the rhetoric became reality.

He thought wrong.

He and his father raced for the military Cryo-Facility as reports poured in from England and the US of nuclear missile launches from both sides. He kept checking the rear-view mirror, hoping to glimpse his mother’s car.

Alex’s father tried to reassure him that his mother would make it to safety. There was still time. Alex closed his eyes in his cryopod and said a silent prayer for his mother.

He awoke to blaring klaxons and flashing lights. The people in the pods beside him were dead. He was completely alone. Fifty-two years had passed.

Now Alex ventures into a world he does not know. He will try to find his father, who might yet live, and his mother, who surely couldn’t have survived, in the After.

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2032. Nuclear Armageddon robbed Alex Preston of the world he knew. He awoke half a century later to a whole new reality.

He soon learned that society hadn’t learned its lesson. Alex answered the call, fighting against the brutal forces of the Militia. The United military rallied, ultimately stopping the Militia from triggering a second nuclear reckoning.

The Militia crumbled. The United began systematically disassembling what remained of their sinister forces. Eventually, only remnants of the Militia remained.

Power abhors a void. It appears another, more powerful military force is stepping in to take the place of the Militia. Alex and the United will once again be asked to restore order to the After, but the question is, have they met their match?

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In the far future, robots and human-like Synthetics have become a part of everyday life for the citizens of New Wave City. Detective Max Kincaid’s okay with the robots, but the Synthetics? Not so much.

That becomes a problem after a meeting with Daryl Marston propels him into a murder conspiracy directly involving the artificial humans, something that should be impossible. Max soon finds himself working with the machines he despises to discover who wants Daryl dead. In the process, he learns Synthetics can be as unique as the humans they emulate.

Digging deeper, Max finds an ever-widening conspiracy that involves two warring factions of enhanced Synthetics and the company that created them. What he discovers brings into question whether he even truly knows who he has been working with.

Who is real, who is Synthetic, and who is the next target? Max finds himself in a race to sort it all out before Daryl, and possibly humanity, runs out of time.

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Simon Travers just died.

He didn’t even know it at first. There was no light to go into. There was nobody to hold his hand. There was just overwhelming pain and confusion.

Left to his own devices, Simon has to find his way in a world that is wholly familiar, yet completely alien to him. He soon learns that being a ghost has its perks. Though all he really cares about is finding his recently departed daughter, Lucy.

Unbeknownst to Simon, powerful forces are watching his every move. You see, there’s something deeper to the man. Something that could lead to the apocalypse.

The reality of his situation slowly comes into focus as the forces of Heaven and Hell vie for Simon’s favor. Both sides want Armageddon, but only Simon can decide who will prevail. But what if there’s a third choice?

What if he chooses neither?

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The Other Side of Things

David Rayne never thought he needed anyone’s help. A bold and independent child, he deals with problems on his own. That’s how he ended up alone in the middle of nowhere, on the other side of things.

Pulled into another world, he has no choice now but to seek assistance. Luck hands him an unusual new friend in Vosh, whom vows to aid him in his journeys. They set out to discover how David ended up in the strange world of Terra, and how he may return home again.

It quickly becomes obvious that this fairyland is not like the ones he read about in grade school. Real dangers abound, and death hides in the brightest corners. The tendrils of the Dark Queen Tesora reach out from every shadow, eager and ready to bring a swift end to David’s quest for answers.

From the prolific author of After, Preservation Protocol, and Something Deeper comes an exciting new adventure in a strange new fantasyland on the other side of things. Explore a fantasy world full of wonderous creatures and delightful discovery, but with a sinister undertone that will keep you guessing until the very end.

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Sometimes ignorance isn’t bliss.

He woke up in the dirt, staring up into the eyes of two curious children. He was welcomed back to life by a menacing robot and its hot-headed owner. By the end of the day, he learned the world had ended. All this paled next to his most pressing issue.

He didn’t know who he was.

Judged for the clothing he wore, and who he might be, he is thrust into the desert to find his place in a world he can’t remember. Now he must use what instincts he has to survive in this new world while he struggles to remember the old one.

“Echoes” is the first in a planned five-part series following the adventurers of Raven, a soldier that time forgot. Will he find himself? Will he remember his place in the world? Are the people he encounters his friends, or his enemies? The road we follow rarely takes us where we expect it to. Will you follow Raven’s?

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Raven has found his focus.

He pursues a target at the behest of the US Army, with the promise of a window into his past should his hunt prove successful. Lending him support is a branch of the Diamondback Coalition, led by none other than Jesse Walters.

Everyone has an angle.

Raven must walk a fine line drawn between two warring factions. The Army wants him to take his target prisoner. The DB simply wants his prey eliminated.

Raven only wants answers.

“Hunter, Hunted” is the second book in a multi-part series following the adventures of Raven, a soldier that time forgot. The man he seeks could unlock his past, but he has to find him first, and he has to keep him alive. Which faction will get its wish?

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NO ROAD HOME Book Three: Risen

Raven did what was asked of him. The Army had their man. It wasn’t enough.

Denied the answers promised to him, Raven begins his journey anew. Another piece of his increasingly dark puzzle falls into place, thanks to an old friend. With it comes a renewed offer of information in exchange for the recovery of a vanished body.

Meanwhile, the fate of Langtry, Texas hangs in the balance. Once ignored by the military, it has become a strategic hotspot. Who ultimately controls this valuable asset may be decided by one dead man looking for another.

“Risen” is the third book in a multi-part series following the adventures of Raven, a soldier that time forgot. Saddled with more questions than answers, the weary soldier must pursue a prize he thought already won, stolen away by forces yet unknown. Will he be able to accept the truth of what he finds?

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NO ROAD HOME Book Four: Cold Comfort

Raven played their game. Now they’re going to play his.

Not satisfied with the answers given to him, Raven sets out to find the truth at the bottom of his own grave. What he finds leaves him shocked and confused. Pushed to the edge of sanity by his discovery, he hunts down and kidnaps a onetime comrade in a final bid to uncover the ultimate truth.

Meanwhile the Army, once a possible ally, is stepping up efforts to quash the Diamondback Coalition once and for all. Smith’s robot militia continues to insert themselves into the matter even as Jesse vows to never accept their help. Disturbing recent events may yet force the general’s hand, however.

“Cold Comfort” is the fourth book in a multi-part series following the adventures of Raven, a soldier that time forgot. He’s armed with what surely must be the last piece to his puzzle. The question is, will he be able to hold onto his sanity once he deciphers it?

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NO ROAD HOME Book Five: Deliverance

The smell of change is in the air.

Raven has taken refuge with John Smith. The one-time enemy swears he only has everyone’s best interest at heart. A new utopia is at hand, and he is to be the benefactor. He seems sincere in his overtures, but as with all things regarding Smith, Raven senses something else at work.

As does Raven’s old friend Jesse Walters. The general finds himself caught between two warring factions: the US Army, and Smith’s growing legion of robotic soldiers. He sits in the middle, a shrinking Diamondback Coalition at his uncertain command. It is a group, however, that may hold the fate of the US in its fragile hands.

“Deliverance” is the fifth book in a series following the adventures of Raven, a soldier that time forgot. Once a simple soldier, he now faces the choice of reigning beside an old enemy, or resigning his fate to the country he once served. Just who will Smith’s brave new world truly benefit? Raven is running out of time to find out.

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Fat Mop Zoo Presents: The Short Story Compendium

For the first time, every story from FMZ is available in one place.

This book collects every short story, FlashFic, and Fred and Jacob story from the website. That’s a total of thirty-three stories that cut across numerous genres and interests.

Take a final flight with the dragon Ezekiel in “Soulfire Point.” Chase down a super-powered alien criminal in “Casino Showdown.” Observe an encounter between a jet fighter and a UFO in “Close Encounter.” Consider an ancient robot culture in “Discontinued.”

The short-story format allows for a much more brightly painted picture that pulls you into these vivid, living worlds. Feel the emotions of the characters. Lose yourself in the action.

It all adds up to more than 250 pages of adventure brought to you by the mind of writer John Prescott, author of five novels and the “No Road Home” series.

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