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From short stories to novellas to novels… See what’s coming and what’s all ready here from the mind of author John Prescott:

AFTER: Requiem


It has been nine months since the events at Snowshoe Mountain dealt a serious blow to the Militia.

Without meaningful leadership, the rogue military group fractured. The United, with the help of Alex Preston and RJ Armitage, systematically sought out and disbanded what remained.

The desperate remnants of the Militia formed raiding parties that would occasionally attack the United colonies. Alex and his crew always made quick work of them and moved on.

Until now.

The town of Las Vegas, New Mexico has been taken by a force too organized to be the Militia. Alex must free the United colony, and discover the truth behind their new enemy, if he is to restore order in the After.


Sometimes ignorance isn’t bliss.

He woke up in the dirt, staring up into the eyes of two curious children. He was welcomed back to life by a menacing robot and its hot-headed owner. By the end of the day, he learned the world had ended. All this paled next to his most pressing issue.

He didn’t know who he was.

Judged for the clothing he wore, and who he might be, he is thrust into the desert to find his place in a world he can’t remember. Now he must use what instincts he has to survive in this new world while he struggles to remember the old one.

“Echoes” is the first in a planned five-part series following the adventurers of Raven, a soldier that time forgot. Will he find himself? Will he remember his place in the world? Are the people he encounters his friends, or his enemies? The road we follow rarely takes us where we expect it to. Will you follow Raven’s?


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Once discontinued, John chose to bring “The Interludes” back due to unpopular demand, because f*** you! You’ll read it, and you’ll like it! This edition includes an updated intro by the author, as well as the consolidated short story “Fred and Jacob Save Christmas” from the website.


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Simon Travers is having a bad night… a REALLY bad night. He just died.

Now he’s left to wander through the afterlife looking for direction. Meanwhile, both Heaven and Hell are watching him quite closely. You see, there’s something deeper to the man, something that could bring about Armageddon.


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Max Kincaid, a police detective from the 29th precinct of New Wave City was working another case against the mob when Daryl Marston walked into his life.

Both soon find themselves entangled in a far-reaching conspiracy involving the mob, the government and Synthetics: artificial humans designed to be nearly indistinguishable from the genuine article.


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Alex heard the reports on the nightly news his father always had playing in the background. Threats of nuclear Armageddon were becoming ominously commonplace. Still, he never thought he’d live to see the day that the rhetoric became reality.

He thought wrong.

Now Alex ventures into a world he does not know. He will try to find his father, who might yet live, and his mother, who surely couldn’t have survived, in the After.