Fred and Jacob Short Stories

Fred’s Christmas Caper

“Yes Fred, I still like Santa Claus.” Jacob refused to look up from his computer screen. “Then why don’t you want to come? Huh?” Fred crossed his arms and pouted. Jacob turned to face Fred. “Because you’re wearing a Santa suit again. The last time you wore a Santa suit, it ended with Godzilla getting […]

Looking Back

LOOKING BACK: December 2019

Avatar rules, Napster drools, and Taylor Swift and The Simpsons hit a big milestone


BLOGGISH: Thanksgiving

That time of year is coming around again. The day — sometimes days — where we stress the hell out about where we’re eating, who we’re eating with, what we’re doing for entertainment, what stores we’re going to after the eating and entertainment… Sounds like a headache. What is Thanksgiving for again? The history books […]

Deep Thoughts

DEEP THOUGHTS: Halloween V Christmas

Satan versus Baby Jesus, Dracula versus Santa, who wins?

Fantasy FlashFic Horror Short Stories

FlashFic: The Gift

A man fighting for survival finds himself face to face with an other-worldly creature.