Deep thoughts on penguins, Adventure Time, and poop. So much poop.

A few days ago, we asked a question on Twitter:

“Do you think the little penguin in the refrigerator that turns the light off ever gets lonely?”

A poll was added, and results were calculated! Here’s where we stand:

Always Gunther. ALWAYS.

So clearly a majority are concerned for the little fella. This stands to reason as Penguins tend to be social creatures. The daddy penguins tend to hang out with each other to keep warm and discuss sporting events while keeping their unborn chicks cozy. Meanwhile, the mama penguins form cliques and go shopping (read: food hunting.)

Such is the power of the penguin pack that they leave a poop stain on earth large enough to be seen from SPACE.

Poop! From SPACE!

Your dookie party has nothing on penguins.

At least one soul was concerned about the whereabouts of Gunther, which was nice. The cute little penguin pal hung out with the Ice King on the Cartoon Network hit show Adventure Time for an impressive eight years. Now that the show is over, you could argue that Gunther would be sad as well.

However, in a um… unique twist, Gunther ended up with the Ice King’s crown at the end of the lastest episode ever. The petite penguin was granted whatever wish popped into his little head. Gunther’s wish was, apparently, to be Ice King.


Well… as long as he’s happy? I guess? Yeah. Let’s just go with that.