WHAT’S NEW for September 1, 2019

Whoops, better put on my newsman fedora here.” – Mr. New Vegas

Fat Mop Zoo Presents: The Interludes AGAIN is now available in ebook and paperback formats at Amazon!

This book is Amazon exclusive to keep costs low. I’ve mentioned before, but I don’t want to charge more than I have to, being that, you know, nearly all of the stories are available for free on this website! KEEP IN MIND that the proceeds from all sales will go to maintaining the website and/or charity.


The first novella in the No Road Home series is nearly complete! Here’s a sneak-peek into the world of Book One: ECHOES.

Sometimes ignorance isn’t bliss.

He woke up in the dirt, staring up into the eyes of two curious children. By the end of the day, he learned the world had ended. But somehow he had a more pressing issue.

He didn’t know who he was.

Judged for the clothing he wore, and who he might be, he is thrust into the desert to find his place in a world he can’t remember. Now he must use what instincts he has to survive in this world while he struggles to remember the old one.

Look for it sometime in October. Preorder for ebook, paperback available the day of publication(hopefully. It’s complicated!) Stay tuned for updates!


You’ll start seeing new Interludes in the next week or two, and probably at the rate of one every three weeks or so. I’m going to try to make Deep Thoughts a semi-regular thing to fill in some of the dead space. Keep an eye out!

On the novel side of things, I’ll be picking back up on writing The Other Side of Things after completing the first No Road Home book. I don’t think it will be done before I have to start on the second NRH novella, but I’m making progress! I promise it will be worth the wait.

Thanks for reading this far. Things are tough in my own little world right now, but I’m trying to keep my chin up by brightening yours. I’ll talk to you soon.