Looking Forward: 2020 in a Nutshell

Here’s what John Prescott has cooking for the new year

If you’ve been curious what I will be up to in the new year, then have a seat. Here’s what’s coming up.* First thing’s first:

E-BOOK ALERT: Nearly all of John Prescott’s books are now available in the Kindle store

Selling books of any kind in today’s market is increasingly difficult. It’s hard to convince people that, out of all the indie writers, you deserve their cash. It’s nearly impossible if you’re selling only paperback books.

My main goal is to be read. Therefore, I feel I have little choice but to make my books available in the Kindle marketplace. That means that as of now, After, After: Requiem, Preservation Protocol, Something Deeper, and NO ROAD HOME Book One: Echoes are available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.

Visit the Books Page for links directly to Amazon to purchase or start reading. FAT MOP ZOO Presents The Interludes AGAIN will NOT be made available for Kindle. This is in part due to the piracy incident, but also because all the stories are already available to read on this website.

Sales of the paperback will continue to go towards supporting Fat Mop Zoo.

Future releases will be made immediately available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited unless otherwise noted.

NOW AVAILABLE: After: Requiem gets a new cover

Finding a good solution to a cover for After: Requiem has been a challenge from the beginning. What I ended up with was acceptable, but didn’t fit the feel of the first book. I went back to the drawing board and came up with a new design.

The all-new After: Requiem cover

Two lucky folks purchased the original version in the wild, meaning there are perhaps fourteen in existence. The version with the new cover is available now on Amazon. Click Here to visit the product page.

FEBRUARY 11: NO ROAD HOME Book Two: Hunter Hunted release

Raven returns in an amazing technicolor adventure involving nuclear-ravaged mutants, sentry bots, Synthetics, and more. Will Raven discover more of his past? Will he find his quarry? Or will the tables be turned once again? Find out February 11th!

Coming February 11, 2020

DID YOU KNOW: There are Easter eggs for both After and Preservation Protocol that can be found in the NO ROAD HOME series. In fact, all three works are connected. They all take place in the same world, but in three different realities. How many Easter eggs can you find?

JUNE 2020: NO ROAD HOME Book 3 release

I’ll be starting on the third book in the NO ROAD HOME series sometime in March with an eye towards a release in June. Will Raven finally find his family? Here’s a hint: You might just find out come June of this year.

AUGUST 2020: The Other Side of Things release

This is the Sci-Fantasy novel I’ve been working on in between working on the NO ROAD HOME series. It’s been a slog writing it this way, and I’ll probably never do it again, but I’m hoping to finally have it done in time for a release in mid-August.

David Rayne is a teenager that soon finds himself lost in another world. He is befriended by Vosh, a dog-like humanoid of the Kopek race. They venture together into the countryside in a bid to find David a way back home. They soon learn that the only person who might be able to help him is the most feared person in all the land: the Dark Queen.

Born out of a love for works like Labyrinth, Adventure Time and the Oz books, The Other Side of Things pays homage to both while creating a whole new fantasy world full of exciting discoveries, surprising twists, and dark-hearted reveals. Look for it sometime in August!

OCTOBER 2020: NO ROAD HOME Book 4 release

The fourth book in the NO ROAD HOME series will mark the third and final one out in 2020. It’s way too far out to offer much insight into this one, but rest assured there will be at least one major revelation ahead of the final chapter.

Will that, in fact, be the end for the series? That will be up to you, the humble reader. Raven will finish Book Five with answers, but also with a sense of purpose. Whether we pursue him in that purpose will depend on how many of you are interested in continuing the journey. To be continued? We’ll find out…

DECEMBER 2020: Fred and Jacob get their Game On release

Yup, that’s right! Fred and Jacob get their very own book for the first time at the ass-end of the year. Fred and Jacob get their Game On will be a short story collection of at least four all-original, never-before-published tales involving your favorite comic duo.

I’m going to try to flex my art muscle a little bit with this one, including possible comic strips and illustrations in between the stories, and maybe even an illustrated cover. We’ll see how much I’m willing to embarrass myself. Think of this book as an ode to the old Al Jaffe books from MAD Magazine.

This release will end the year with five titles released! My lord, what a year…

*All dates and releases are subject to change without notice or reason.