It recently came to my attention that the original eBook version of The Interludes has been pirated on at least two foreign-language websites.

The Interludes was only on sale for six months, and I only sold eight eBook copies. It breaks my heart that at least one of those eight sales was for the purposes of pirating my hard work.

I only made $20 from those eight sales. Even my best-selling book, After, only sold just over a thousand copies all-told in its original run. That netted me roughly $2,400, but that was over the course of two years.

I’m not getting rich off of these books. In most cases, I’ve made less than $50 from each of these books. I’m just barely making a living at my day job. Yet someone decided it was okay to pirate this book and cost me untold numbers of sales.

The point is that, effective immediately, none of the books under my direct control will be available in eBook format from this point onward.

The Interludes AGAIN has had its eBook version discontinued, and the pre-order for the first book in the No Road Home series, Echoes, has been canceled.

The Interludes AGAIN is still available as a paperback. Echoes will be available on October 15th as a $5 paperback.

The two released Kyanite novels, After and Preservation Protocol continue to be available in eBook format, as does Something Deeper, releasing on October 4th. The formats for these books are out of my hands.

The bottom line is that I do not have the heart, time, or energy to prowl the internet for bootleg versions of my books. Because of this, I will no longer be Indie-publishing eBooks. I will continue to Indie-publish paperback books, however.

Any sales from The Interludes AGAIN paperback will continue to go towards maintenance of this website.

Because of the loss of potential eBook royalties, I will most likely place a PayPal donation button on the main page of this website at some point. It will be 100% voluntary, and Fat Mop Zoo will continue to be 100% ad-free.

It is increasingly likely that I will be filing for bankruptcy sometime next year. I beg you, if you have enjoyed my writing or this website at all, please consider making a donation or purchasing one of my available books. Every little bit helps.

Thank you for being a reader.