Enlarged: Supercharged Serial Killers

What says Sunday more than prolific serial killers? I thought I’d keep the Halloween theme going with a look at some real-life monsters: serial killers. A serial killer is defined as a person that has killed three or more people over the course of at least a month, with breaks in between. These aren’t just… Continue reading Enlarged: Supercharged Serial Killers

Least Wanted: The Most Monstrous Inmates

Everybody has their own special talent. Some people are great at creating art. Some people are known for carrying a tune. Some people are known for kicking other peoples’ asses. The following two people fall squarely under that last talent, though one also qualifies for the first. We’ll start with the uh, more colorful of the two… Continue reading Least Wanted: The Most Monstrous Inmates

Home, Sweet Prison

Prisons are like homes. The come in all shapes and sizes. Some are nicer than others. Occasionally, they are set upon by the undead. That last one isn’t as common but I heard it helps to combat boredom in the prison population. Here are some notable ones… Not surprisingly, the world’s largest prison is located… Continue reading Home, Sweet Prison