World’s Tallest Water Slide

Well that looks totally safe...
Well that looks totally safe…

Schlitterbahn, already known for doing insane things to people with water and tall structures, really outdid themselves. The Verrückt water slide(who names these things, anyway?) resides in Kansas City, Kansas. The “water coaster” stands at over 168 feet tall, or seventeen stories. To put that into perspective, that’s two-thirds as tall as the Statue of Liberty.

Riders free-fall for a full three seconds before going briefly weightless over a second hill further down the slide. Estimates put riders’ top speed at over 40 mph. Something tells me that Schlitterbahn also has the world record for longest brown streak on a water slide.

Some readers may recognize Verrückt from making the news in the worst possible way in the past few weeks. Ten-year-old Caleb Schwab was decapitated when he came free from his harness on the ride. It remains unclear at the time of this articles publishing whether he was tall enough to go on the ride or was responsible for the harness failure.

It is unclear if or when the ride will be reopened.

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