BLOGGISH: The Small Things

Sometimes the greatest things are also the smallest.

I wanted to have like, something to post today. I’m trying real hard to add something to the website weekly. I know nobody is reading any of this, but some day somebody might, and I want there to plenty of bullshit for them to be turned off by.

Anyway, I had no idea what to do until I had one of those weird only-happens-in-the-movies type moments. One seemingly meaningless event led to another. That moment gave me a blog idea, and then that idea gave me the inspiration for a new page on FMZ.

It all started yesterday. The fam and I had just finished our weekly grocery shopping. I opened the trunk to find a wee little friend waiting for us on the seal, like so…


It was, somehow, alive, showing the decrepit age and condition of my car, seeing how it should have been a smudge on the seal. But nope, it was alive and well, and damn bound and determined to stay. We loaded up the groceries, shut the lid, and…

Oh, shit.

I uh, wasn’t so sure that the little guy would survive round two. We returned home. I opened the trunk, expecting a slimmer, deader moth. It not only survived, but the damn thing moved to get more comfortable.

We determined that, yes, it was still alive. Well, hot damn. Everybody loaded up with their fair share of groceries(Whomever designed our home decided the driveway should be like, thirty feet from the front door of the house.) Then it was just me, the remaining groceries, and the moth.

Now, I’m a god-damned softy when it comes to animals, no matter how small. I won’t even kill spiders unless they’re stupid enough to skitter across the kitchen floor. I did not want to kill Mr. Moth.

I wanted to be gentle, so I used a car key to nudge his little bottom. He wasn’t getting the message. So I slowly nudged the key upwards and, well…

“Dis my key now, okay?”

I’d just like to take a moment here… A lot of people think moths are scary, gross, fake-butterfly things. They are not. They are cute little fluffy puppy bugs. I will fight you.

At any rate, I put the moth somewhere safe and finished my weekly grocery routine with a smile on my face. Our new little buddy didn’t stick around long, but I’m sure he found a safe place to be. I went inside in a rare good mood.

“Wait! Is not key!”

One very-true thing about me is often-times, it’s the small things that bring me the greatest joy in life. I guaran-fucking-tee you that half the population of the Earth wouldn’t have even noticed that moth. How many would have tried to shoo it away?

How many would have cared if it got crushed?

But me… Hey, we’re all just trying to survive on this fucked up rock, aren’t we? I was fascinated by the little guy. I didn’t want to hurt him, and it genuinely made me feel good to help him survive a little longer in this cold world.

Lots of people don’t really appreciate stuff like this. People see things in a grand world view. If they see details at all, it’s in human terms. Mr. Moth is just background set-dressing. I revel in that set dressing.

Which leads me to that new page, A Different Perspective. The name says it all. I like to take “artsy” pictures from perspectives that most people would never consider. It’s like a whole other world is right there in front of us, but so few ever bother looking.

You can check it out HERE, or get at it from the menu. I’ll try to add to it occasionally, and perhaps eventually offer prints for sale. I hope you enjoy seeing things from a different perspective. Thanks for reading.