FlashFic: Standing Tall

A team of robots face their darkest hour.

A large, gleaming, blue and gray robot stood at the base of the cliff and pointed upward. “To me, friends!” His voice boomed across the valley. “We must obtain the photon transference device quickly!”

“I am here, brother.” A red and white robot joined the first robot’s side. “As the Maker commanded, we shall serve!”

“Where’s Green?”

“She is…” Red’s shoulders slumped. “I don’t know!”

A green and gold robot rolled and tumbled into sight. She sprung to her feet dramatically and sprinted to join the others. “I am here! I was set upon by the drooling monster in the ceramic caverns.”

“You brave soul!” Red clapped green on the back with a mighty metallic thump. “But there’s no time to spare!” He looked upwards.

Green’s eyes glowed a brilliant blue. “You’ve found it? The photon transference device?”

“Indeed.” Blue stepped forward. “But we must be quick. The ancient one approaches. If the device is not secured…” Blue refused to finish the thought.

“It will be.” Red crossed his arms and considered the cliff. “But how…”

Green lifted her finger skyward. “By doing what we do best, working together!” She dropped to one knee. “Blue! Go!”

Understanding flooded Blue’s face. “Got it!” Blue ran forward and stepped lightly into Green’s cupped hands. Green propelled Blue into the air.

Blue landed gracefully on the side of the cliff. He anchored himself with one steely hand and one massive foot. “Let’s go, Red!” His other hand shot down to the waiting robot.

Red grabbed the hand, still attached to Blue by a strong titanium cable. Blue retracted the hand quickly, slingshotting the robot into the air. Rocket boosters in Red’s back propelled him up past Blue to the edge of the cliff.

The brave robot struggled for a grip. He pulled himself over the edge of the cliff with great effort, but it was all worth it. There lay the photon transference device.

The orb-like translucent device glowed dimly at its center. A striated metallic tube extended from its bottom. Red picked it up and cradled it in his massive hands with great care.

“I’ve got it! I’ve got…” There came a series of booms, as if something massive was galloping towards their location. “The cavern monster!”

A great, snarling, furry monster easily three stories tall snarled as it approached the robots. It came to a stop with a mighty roar. Drool ran from its deadly jaws, beady black eyes focused on the fearless team.

“Run!” Blue leaped from the cliff-side, shaking the earth as he touched down.

“No! Wait! We…” Red watched in horror as the photon transference device slipped from his hands. “NO!” He turned his head. “Our only hope…”

The device smashed into the ground below, shattering into a thousand pieces. The monster reared back in fright. It turned and ran in the direction from whence it came.

Green pointed towards the monster. “We are saved!”

Red shook his head. “Not for long.” He looked towards the setting sun.

A large, dark shadow fell over the desert. Blue pushed himself against the cliff. “The ancient one…”

“The ancient one?” The middle-aged human male stood by the kitchen counter, fists firmly placed on his hips. “Did the kids program you to call me that?”

Blue looked from Red to Green to the ancient one. “I uhhh…”

“We got the photon transference device like you wanted!” Red beamed.

“The light bulb is in a million pieces on the floor.” The human sighed. “You scared the hell out of Bigsby, too.”

“You mean the monster from the ceramic cavern?” Green smiled innocently.

“I mean the dog. I swear, if the kids didn’t love you three so much, I would have scrapped you by now.”

The male reached into a cabinet above the counter and retrieved another photon transference device. He handed it to Red. “Try to get this one in the socket this time?”

“Aye, aye Mister Dave!” Red saluted sloppily.

“And you two…” Blue and Green snapped to attention. “Clean your mess, please.” Dave walked off towards the living room, shaking his head. “Ancient one…”