Venomous Terrors of the Deep

There are many, many dangerous things in the ocean. Whales, sharks, humans… But some of these creatures aren’t so big or so obvious. They are however very venomous, and very deadly. Here’s three of the worst for your viewing pleasure. Probably the best known and most feared is the Box jellyfish. These translucent pain factories can be… Continue reading Venomous Terrors of the Deep

Ancient Animals

Humans have a fascination with numbers, especially large numbers. Hell, this website has largely been patterned around large things, tall things, old things… That’s a big one. People are fascinated with how long things live. Spurred on by the fear surrounding our own mortality, we seek out other living things that have proven to be exceptionally long… Continue reading Ancient Animals

Prodigious Plant Life

A few months ago I wrote about how awesome plants can be. Well, recent research shows that plants can be incredibly terrifying as well. How can something that can’t even move invoke such terror in your incredibly awesome narrator? Here’s three damn good examples. Let’s start with that comically over-sized flower up yonder. That’s an… Continue reading Prodigious Plant Life

One Tough Mother

I heard today people were celebrating something. It had something to do with women I think. I’m not sure. Anyway, I had this weird idea to specifically focus an article on mothers… Specifically specifically cheetah mothers. The first thing to understand about the toughness of cheetah mamas is that they are effectively single mothers. Cheetah daddies eff… Continue reading One Tough Mother