Creepy Nature

Venomous Terrors of the Deep

There are many, many dangerous things in the ocean. Whales, sharks, humans… But some of these creatures aren’t so big or so obvious. They are however very venomous, and very deadly. Here’s three of the worst for your viewing pleasure. Probably the best known and most feared is the Box jellyfish. These translucent pain factories can be […]

Creepy Nature Overachievers

Prodigious Plant Life

A few months ago I wrote about how awesome plants can be. Well, recent research shows that plants can be incredibly terrifying as well. How can something that can’t even move invoke such terror in your incredibly awesome narrator? Here’s three damn good examples. Let’s start with that comically over-sized flower up yonder. That’s an […]

Creepy Diversions

Diversions: The Incredible Disappearing Town

Welcome to Centralia, Pennsylvania, Population: 7. Mind the roads. They haven’t been cared for in a little while. None of the town has been cared for in some time, really. In fact you’ll find most of the town is missing, having been reduced to rubble and reclaimed by nature. Incorporated in 1866, the Pennsylvania borough […]