Books by John Prescott

I don’t just detail cars and maintain this website. I also write novels! Here’s what’s crawled out of my brain so far:

Max Kincaid, a police detective from the 29th precinct of New Wave City was working another case against the mob when Daryl Marston walked into his life.

Both soon find themselves entangled in a far-reaching conspiracy involving the mob, the government and Synthetics: artificial humans designed to be nearly indistinguishable from the genuine article.

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Alex heard the reports on the nightly news his father always had playing in the background. Threats of nuclear Armageddon were becoming ominously commonplace. Still, he never thought he’d live to see the day that the rhetoric became reality.

He thought wrong.

Now Alex ventures into a world he does not know. He will try to find his father, who might yet live, and his mother, who surely couldn’t have survived, in the After.

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