A Japanese Soldier Misses the Memo

Many people love to complain to each other about how hard their job is, regardless of how hard it is in reality. “We’re overworked,” they say. “We’re underpaid,” they tell you. Well I say meet Hiroo Onoda: employee of the damned century. Mr. Onoda up there was sent off to the Philippines back in 1944 by the […]

World Records

The World’s Largest Glass of Beer

According to, ironically and all-too appropriately, the Guinness book of world records, the largest glass of beer was a 396 gallon, 7′ 11″ glass of Guinness “beer”. I put beer in quotations because even though Guinness is technically beer, it sure as hell doesn’t taste like beer. Acquired taste and all that, I’m sure, and […]