I’m needing a lot of important updates lately, aren’t I? Oh, dear…

Today’s Important Update theme song is Tomorrow Comes Today by Gorillaz.


First of all, the meteor came early. I’m already skipping payments. Pray for me, or buy a book, or ignore me, whatever works.

Now for the other bit of important information:

I have formally requested the return of rights to After, After: Requiem, Preservation Protocol, and Something Deeper from Kyanite Publishing LLC.

A preliminary agreement to do so has been reached, and I’m currently awaiting official documents to sign. All three novels currently published will be discontinued by Kyanite Publishing LLC. I will be allowed to publish my original manuscripts as I see fit.

Without getting into too much detail, I’ve determined that Kyanite and I are simply not a good match. I appreciate all that they’ve tried to do for me. However, in the end, this relationship was not proving beneficial.

I will, in time, re-issue these three novels — as paperbacks only — on under my own name and cover designs. After: Requiem will be published for the first time, at long last, on tentatively in November of this year.

Fat Mop Zoo Presents: The Interludes AGAIN and No Road Home Book One: Echoes were always under my control and remain available on

So… “fall of John Prescott” indeed. I am sincerely hoping that, along with bottoming out financially, this is the floor of the pit I’ve been tumbling down over the past year. If there is any light in the universe, may I start scratching my way back towards the surface next year.

Regardless, the light above is so very, very far away. Please do keep me in your thoughts. I’ve a weary path to follow, and falling backwards is definitely an option.

Stay tuned over the next few weeks for updates on the availability of my novels. If you are reading this, thank you for caring enough to read down this far. Your readership is sincerely appreciated.