COMING EVENTUALLY: A Look Into the Near-Future

John gives a glimpse into what lies ahead in 2019.

Now that After: Requiem is essentially in the can, I thought I’d take a moment to give everyone a glimpse of what’s to come this year from yours truly. I might not have a lot of time, but boy do I have the will. Here’s what’s coming up:

More Flash Fiction and Interludes

I got kind of quiet on the story side of things while I focused on finishing After: Requiem. Now that the book is done, I can catch up to where I wanted to be. So expect some new stories very soon!

I’m hoping that once I’m caught up, I’ll be able to set a good, reasonable pace churning out material for FMZ. Look for a new story or article most weeks in the near future. I’ll probably take one week a month off to focus on other things.

More novels are on the way

After: Requiem is the fourth novel and fifth book I’ve written. I still have a lot left in me. I’m happy to announce I’ll be starting on my FIFTH novel in the next couple of weeks.

I’m excited for this one! I’ve written a Science Fiction novel, and I’ve written a Fantasy novel. Now I’m going to write a Sci-Fantasy novel! I won’t go into too much detail just yet, but I’m hoping to have it wrapped before the end of the year.

After that? I’m seriously considering going back to New Wave City to see how Detective Max Kincaid is doing. I’d always planned on a follow-up to Preservation Protocol and I feel the time for it is coming up. We’ll see how things are going after finishing the Sci-Fantasy project.

After is coming in August, Interludes Volume II is coming in December

Don’t forget! After is finally coming back thanks to Kyanite Publishing in late August! The new cover looks great, and I can’t wait to hold the first hardcover edition of After in my hands.

I’ll tip my hat at least one more time this year with the (planned) release of The Interludes: Volume II. This edition will have all-new stories (including flash fiction) published this year on FMZ and a much larger number of never-before-published stories!

That will include an all-new, extra-long story involving everyone’s favorite odd couple, Fred and Jacob! Look for it sometime in December. With any luck, I’ll be turning it into a yearly tradition.

Questions? Comments?

Hit me up on Twitter, @FatMopZoo and let me hear your thoughts. I’m (almost) always happy to hear from my readers.

Happy reading! 🙂