Bloggish: Making Sunbeams

In the darkness, light.

Programming Note: Just a reminder that NO ROAD HOME Book Two: Hunter, Hunted comes out in just two days on 11 February, 2020!

I know that last week’s Bloggish article was kind of bleak. I’m trying to offset that a bit this week. Not everything is shadows and demon farts. I have bright moments: sunbeams. Moments where the sun breaks through the clouds and shines a light on me. Here are a few.

Fallout Time

NCR for life, bitches!
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This is a tradition that stretches years, now. Every Sunday, I make time to play a Fallout game. I’ve most recently been playing through Fallout 4. I’m on my second play-through now(Go, Institute! I guess!) Before then, I played Fallout: New Vegas and its add-ons(for far, far longer than was probably healthy.)

I don’t always get time to do so, but I try to play every weekend if at all possible. It’s my hour or two to be ultra violent and/or make questionable (albeit consequence-free) decisions. It’s a great stress reliever, to be honest. It also helped in the development of After, so…

Fallout collection, pendants and baseball card unrelated.

As hinted at, New Vegas is hands-down my favorite, as evidenced above. If I had more money, I’d probably have a room full of prop-replicas and memorabilia. So here’s one example where being poor is maybe a good thing? Nah, still bad.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

My preferred Avengers

My latest bent has been re-watching Avatar with my kids. Both have scant memories of the show, especially the younger one. It’s been a lot of fun.

We watch a couple of episodes every Saturday after I get off of work. I’ve never been a fan of bingeing shows. Besides, I feel like both the kids and myself will retain more memories of the show — and watching together — if we take our time. It’s a lot more exciting looking forward to the weekend, as well!

Yip, yip!

I even have my very own Appa, now. I’m poor, so he’s a cheap knock-off Appa of questionable quality, but I love him. A licensed equivalent is half the size and twice the price, so… yeah. He watches with us every Saturday, now.

Movie Time

“Why do I have to aim, again?”

Continuing my push to be make more time for fun and family bonding, I started showing the kids the “essentials”. Specifically, the older one (18 in a few months, OMFG) is getting schooled on the um… more adult classics. We started with Robocop and are going to watch Robocop 2 later today. Robocop 3 doesn’t exist. Fight me.

“You will pay for this fake chest, Admiral Kirk!”

Both of them got assaulted with Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. I started with the second movie, because I want them to enjoy the Star Trek movies, not be in fear of watching them. Hell, I even yawn through The Motion Picture. We’ll be watching The Search for Spock before I scar my daughter with Robocop 2 later.

Time will tell how long this lasts. It’s only a matter of time before spring rears its ugly head and starts eating up my time with yard work again. I just need to keep reminding myself that I’m worth it and, more importantly, my kids are worth it.

It’s nice, standing under those warming sunbeams.