AFTER: REQUIEM is COMING, plus other news!

Yup, you read right. Months after I would have liked to have released it, After: Requiem is finally coming! Read on to see the exclusive reveal of the cover. But first…

The paperwork has been signed, and the rights for my works will be reverted effective November 1st, 2019. SO, After, Preservation Protocol, and Something Deeper will be re-released, by me, in paperback, on on November 2, 2019. Also being released that day? After: Requiem.

I took this opportunity to revamp the covers. Some got touched up more than others. One is ALL-NEW, and it’s not the Requiem cover I’m talking about!

Shall we begin?


My original novel got the lightest touch. I updated the cover shortly before I had to pull it, and I was happy with it. Essentially, I only weathered the cover.


Something Deeper

What happened to Preservation Protocol? It’s the one that completely redesigned. We’ll save that for last(before the After: Requiem reveal, anyway!)

This cover is largely original as well, but received some finishing effects as well as a new title and signature.

Less subtle!

Preservation Protocol

Here is your biggest transformation for my original trio of novels. The new cover is a huge homage to the original cover, even sharing two elements. The original printed far too dark, but the proof for the new is spot on, and I couldn’t be happier.

Well that’s not subtle at all

After: Requiem

Here’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for: the After: Requiem cover reveal! This book is–if you can believe it–darker than After, and a lot more action-packed. I wanted to reflect that in the cover for it. And yes folks, that is the Trident! BEHOLD:

Dark! Literally!

All four will be coming to you on November 2, so get ready!

Amazon drags their feet mightily when you hit the publish button, so it could be later in the day on November 2. I will (hopefully) update the website the same day with active links to each book. Worst case scenario: They will all be available for purchase by 12 AM November 3.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the cover reveals as much as I have. I look forward to having my babies available again, and am so very happy to offer you After: Requiem for the very first time. As always, thanks for reading!