A shift in priorities

All the way back in 2016, I started this website mainly to serve as a digital home base of sorts for my writing career. Sorry, “career.”

That’s not to say that I’ve ever not enjoyed managing this website. Quite the opposite, honestly. I’ve had fun writing my interludes and flash fiction. I’ve found clarity through sharing my personal thoughts. I’ve found satisfaction sharing facts and information in a fun and amusing manner.


But it’s always been something that I’ve squeezed into my busy week. A footnote on my Sunday mornings, between paying bills and mowing the lawn and doing yard work and fixing things and running errands and… You get the idea. The thing is, the number of people that have read anything on this website has been vanishingly small.

If anything, that number has only grown smaller in the past several months. There’s a fifty-percent chance that nobody will ever read what I’m writing right now, to be honest. That makes it… challenging, to continue building on this website.

I’m burnt out, honestly. I have no problem talking to myself — I do it all the time — but talking to a wall wears you down over time. I’ve always worked with an eye to the future, wherein someone will discover this website and devour everything with joy and awe in their hearts. I used this as an excuse to keep pushing forward.

It’s just not enough anymore. There’s a lot of content on here. That’s going to have to be enough for now. Mentally, I can’t keep pretending there’s someone that cares, someone that looks forward to my next article, someone who has interest in what I have to say.

I will not be posting new content to this website for the foreseeable future.

This website will continue to function as home base for information on me and my books. There will be updates on future book releases and news about yours truly. I feel that is good enough, for now.

If — and it’s a mighty big if — there is ever significant demand for me to return to the mic, either to weave fresh tales or poke fun at C-list celebrities, I will return. That said, I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve received legitimate, non-spam e-mail from this website… even if you cut off three fingers, first. About that…

The contact page is down right now, because of that spam I mentioned. I will hopefully get that fixed shortly. If you find this post in even a week or two, it’s probably fixed by now. Feel free to check.

UPDATE: The spam-bots are smarter than I thought, but I think I’ve got it this time. Contact away!

So anyways…

I will indeed continue to write. I do truly enjoy it. Writing books is not unlike building a model car or a ship in a bottle. It’s work. At times it’s tedious. It often leaves me exhausted, working in the late hours of the night.

But when you have your final product, put it on your shelf and get to appreciate what you’ve created, you smile. Suddenly the picture is complete. What you’ve done was worth it, even the painful parts.

And if others come across it and admire it, that’s great. You’re happy to share the fruits of your labor. Ask me questions, because I’d love to answer them. But if there’s nobody to look it over, no biggie. I can still admire it, and that’s enough.

For now, that’s more than enough.

See you in the next book.


UPDATE May 20, 2020:

As expected, interest has remained non-existent. Therefore, this website (with the exception of the Books page) will be archival in nature. There will be no further updates or meaningful additions for now.

Life follows its own path, no matter how hard we try to steer it in our own preferred direction. Perhaps I’ll pick up the pen here in time. Until then…

Enjoy the website.